Tuesday, January 29, 2013

young girl

Doing some bible studies. For my other blog. Meaning God It is about building a relationship with God. Not that I don't have one already. I want to draw closer to God. Know Him for Who He Is. I understand, our human minds can not even process the eternity of God. He is forever. He was the beginning and is the end. Alpha and Omega.

any ways. ... I happened to bump into this video, while reading some posts on the google circle
knowing-jesus. This excited me! I pray alot. There is hope. Hope for our youths.  I get excited when I see the youth expressing their faith. Praise God!

Not sure of her name. She was inspiring to me. Most children, seems when they are bored, they mope around. Not make a video and spreading the gospel around the world. I see Jesus, In her.


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